Public Works

Public Work with excavator

The Public Works Department is committed to providing services and infrastructure in a quality manner through the use of modern engineering and management practices with a team of people dedicated to professional excellence and customer satisfaction. 

We strive to accomplish these tasks efficiently, effectively and with accountability to the community we serve.

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  1. Greg Malatek

    Public Works Director

  1. Matthew Eckmann, SR/WA

    Assistant Director of Public Works

  1. John Cox

    Streets and Drainage Manager

Fleet Services & Facility Maintenance

  1. Fleet Services
  2. Facility Maintenance

Fleet Services Overview

Fleet Services primary responsibility is to control the overall cost of operating and maintaining the City’s fleet of vehicles and equipment and to repair the fleet in a manner that extends the useful life of each vehicle.  The division performs an average of 41 scheduled services and 24 unscheduled repairs per week.

The division currently provides a variety of repair and maintenance services to more than 600 fleet vehicles and pieces of equipment, from complete brake replacement and oil changes to in-depth operating system diagnosis and repair.

Contact Fleet Services at (830) 221-4047 or email: