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Adopt-A-Spot Application

  1. 15-4892-WatershedManagementLogo-FNL
  2. First and Last Name
  3. Please pick from the map linked at or propose a location that you think needs to be cleaned up.

  4. Upon approval of your cleanup site:

    1. Your team agrees to perform three organized adopt-a-spot cleanups per calendar year as a team (January-December) in your adopted spot and can include participation as a team in the Dos Rios Watershed Cleanup which is generally held in the fall each year. This requirement can be modified by City staff depending on what month you join the program.

    2. Your team must submit one completed cleanup report electronically for each organized cleanup (found online at Please include photos taken during the cleanup event.

    3. Upon request, City of New Braunfels staff will come speak to your team about how the cleanup effort positively impacts our watershed.

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