Parking Info

On-street, parallel parking is available throughout most of the streets in Downtown New Braunfels. Please note that portions of Castell Avenue, Seguin Avenue, San Antonio Street, and Main Plaza have a 2-hour time limit Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Look for the green pavement markings and signs for time-limited parking spaces.

Downtown New Braunfels Events Calendar

  1. Thu, Dec 7

    1. Wassailfest Celebrate one of the most cherished traditions in New Braunfels... Wassailfest!
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Scheduling Downtown Special Events & Street Closures

Hosting events in the Downtown area requires careful consideration of the impacts of the events and requires coordination with the City to mitigate negative impacts on commerce and traffic and to ensure the safety of the attendees.  The City's Street Closure/Special Event Ordinance outlines the requirements for applicants requesting the closure of Downtown rights of way.  To apply for a permit to close a Downtown right-of-way, please click here.  

More About Downtown

  1. Tax Reinvestment Zone #3
  2. Main Street Program
  3. Plans and Studies

TIRZ #3 - Downtown

In 2021, the City established a tax increment reinvestment zone for the Downtown area.  The Downtown TIRZ will capture 85% of the ad valorem tax increment within the project boundaries to reinvest into the area. 

Learn more about the Downtown TIRZ and the Downtown Business Improvement & Preservation Grant