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City Secretary

  1. Arts & Heritage Grant Application

    Please submit an application for each type of request - Arts or Heritage

  2. Parking by Permit
  3. Road Closure Application

    Complete and submit this form to apply for a road closure.

  1. Cemetery Opening/Closing and Related Services
  2. Proclamation Request
  3. Temporary Street Banner

Contact Us

  1. Contact the New Braunfels Fire Department
  1. Project Mayfair Public Comments

    Thank you for your participation in our online forum! Please use this form to submit your comments.

Economic Development

  1. Downtown E-Commerce Grant Application
  1. Downtown Special Event/Street Closure Application

    This form must be submitted (including all required attachments) at least 120 days prior to any proposed event. Applications are not... More…

Emergency Management

  1. NB Flood Cleanup Volunteer Sign-up

    If you would like to volunteer to assist in the clean up effort after high water events, please complete this form.

  1. NB Flood Damage Reporting

    Please fill out this form to submit flood damage information for property inside the City of New Braunfels


  1. Abandoned/Vacant Building Report Form

    Form used to report initial abandoned/vacant buildings by operations personnel

  1. Citizens Fire Academy Application

    BEFORE YOU BEGIN - Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and either live or work in the City of New Braunfels. Incomplete or... More…


  1. Email Signature - Certifications

    This form is for staff to complete so we can include their certifications into the standard email signature for their... More…

  1. New City Hall Facilities Maintenance Request

    Please utilize this form for all City Hall related Service Request as we work through the Warranty Period.

Planning and Development Services

  1. Application to Participate on the Comprehensive Plan - Plan Element Advisory Groups
  2. Complaint/Violation Form
  3. Downtown Special Events Feedback Form
  4. Pre-Development Meeting

    Use this form to request a Pre-Development meeting with City Staff. A Pre-Development meeting is HIGHLY SUGGESTED if you intend to... More…

  5. Temporary Outdoor Dining Permit

    The permit allows restaurants to use up to 40% of their off-street parking spaces for temporary dining and to provide either a food... More…

  1. Can I operate a short-term rental?

    Fill out this brief survey and a staff member will reach out to you with the process to obtain a short-term rental permit. Please... More…

  2. Design Review Meeting

    Use this form to request a design review meeting with City Staff and members of the Design Review Subcommittee. A design review meeting... More…

  3. Planning & Development Services Intranet Suggestions

    Please provide any suggestions or edits for the Planning & Developments Services intranet page! What content would be helpful for you?... More…

  4. Temporary Food Service Establishment Application

Streets & Drainage

  1. Goodwin Lane Public Comments

    Please use this form to submit your comments regarding the Goodwin Lane Improvement Project

  2. Public Comments

    Thank you for your participation in our online forum! Please use this form to submit your comments. All comments must be received on or... More…

  1. Lakeview Blvd Public Comments

    Thank you for your participation in our online meeting! Please use this form to submit your comments. If you have additional questions... More…